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The competition is now open for entries and if you would like to enter, then the first thing you being asked to do is to pay your 'Entry Fee'. Once your payment has been received by us, we will then send you the following Entry Documents:

- Official Entry Form and your own unique Entry Number.
- Details of 'Style Categories'

You may enter as often as you like, either as an individual, or in a team, or as a company or firm, and you have up to 05 May 2015 to make your final submission.

You can pay your fee either through (A)PayPal, or if you prefer by (B)Bank Transfer


Entry Fees

(B)Bank Transfer using the following details:

Receivers Name: Slant
BANK: AIB Bank, 23 Main Street, Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland
IBAN: IE30 AIBK 933023 35124036
Message for receiver: Slant Competition

Deposit Only

If you prefer you can simply pay a Deposit of €15 and once your deposit has been received by us we will then enter you onto the Register and send you your own unique Registration Number.
Note: Details of how and when you can pay the balance of your entry fee will be sent to you along with your Registration Number.
To pay a Deposit please click here

Please note the following:

- If you are paying either by PayPal or by Bank Transfer, please ensure that the name and email address of the contestant is clearly shown on your payment form as provided by either PayPal or your Bank, and in the case of a team submission; the name and email address of your agreed contact member.

- PayPal payments are virtually instant, but Bank Transfers will take a few days to reach us, so if you are paying by Bank Transfer please email us and let us know once payment has been sent.

- If you have any questions, or require any assistance in making your payment then please contact us and we will respond just as fast as we can.


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