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Winning Project Slant Garden Design Award 2011:

Douro Valley Garden

by Ricardo Alexandre Lime Gomes & Daniela dos Santos Silva (Portugal)

“The house belongs to a middle age couple, without children, that have a profound passion for nature and everything connected to the environment and the rural world. It was their expressed wish that the design of the house and garden resounds the vernacular textures and features of the remarkable Douro Landscape. Still, this manifestation should be linked to a contemporary design that answers to their everyday needs.”

A very clear brief with clear objectives is just one of the reasons as to why this design by Ricardo Alexandre Lime Gomes & Daniela dos Santos Silva has been selected as the winning project for the SLANT Garden Design Award 2011, and we want to congratulate them on their success. This garden is superb on a number of levels, and from the judges point of view, its striking and easily understood presentation meant that it was a strong contender from the outset. The team explains that a significant part of their inspiration derives from both the natural and the man-made landscape of the Douro Valley, and we were utterly convinced by their interpretation. We invite you all to indulge yourselves in this design and allow yourselves to be drawn in by its seductive curves and beautifully conceived spaces. The romance of this garden is palpable, and its sympathetic positioning within the broader landscape generates an irresistible appeal. Carefully selected and totally appropriate plants add greatly to the success of this design, and in our opinion is an excellent example of designing successfully ‘with plants’ as opposed to merely designing ‘for plants’. It is hard to ignore the quirky nature of the “stylised pergola” as it sweeps up from the front meadow and on to the roof garden, and here the use of low-maintenance autochthonous evergreen plants ensures not only the aesthetic success of this feature, but equally its sustainable credentials. Visually stunning and thoughtfully conceived the Douro Valley Garden is without doubt a worthy winner of the SLANT Garden Design Award 2011.

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