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Slant Open International Landscape Design Competition 2013

“Evoking Memories”

The Jury has selected the following 10 outstanding projects to receive a “Slant High Commendation”

"Unexpected Garden" by Francisco Lara Bastidas, Javier O´Ryan Alvarez de Uribarri and Lorena Pérez Leighton

"Omar Khayyam Show Garden" by Fatemeh Shirpour and Faezeh Ensafi

"Cashew, Symbol of Tropical Exuberance" by Patricia Paegle, Maria Auxiliadora de Souza e Sá, Josué Luiz de Mendonca Júnior and Cristiana Paes de Oliveira Figueiras

"Nathan Cassuto: the bravery of optimism…" by Dimitrije Jankovic, Angela Boninsegni, Elia Renzi and Jose’ Luis Rufini

"Bo(a)rding Landscape" by Marco Cuoppolo and Lea Buracchio

"The Unbroken Circle" by Wilson Lee and Tom Wenner

"Garden of Imperfection" by Cansu Almali

"Slants" by Cristina Tomada and Mario Chahine

"Impressions of Rape Flowers" by Lanjiangzhou Yan and Huali Zhang

"The Boathouse Garden" by Zeon Hung Lau

The winner of the "Slant Certificate of Merit: Peoples' Choice" was the project"The Hypnosis" by Lorenzo Felicioni and Manuela Ronci.


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